Modulated Periodic Activations for
Generalizable Local Functional Representations
ICCV 2021



Multi-Layer Perceptrons (MLPs) make powerful functional representations for sampling and reconstruction problems involving low-dimensional signals like images, shapes and light fields. Recent works have significantly improved their ability to represent high-frequency content by using periodic activations or positional encodings. This often came at the expense of generalization: modern methods are typically optimized for a single signal. We present a new representation that generalizes to multiple instances and achieves state-of-the-art fidelity. We use a dual-MLP architecture to encode the signals. A synthesis network creates a functional mapping from a low-dimensional input (e.g. pixel-position) to the output domain (e.g. RGB color). A modulation network maps a latent code corresponding to the target signal to parameters that modulate the periodic activations of the synthesis network. We also propose a local-functional representation which enables generalization. The signal's domain is partitioned into a regular grid, with each tile represented by a latent code. At test time, the signal is encoded with high-fidelity by inferring (or directly optimizing) the latent code-book. Our approach produces generalizable functional representations of images, videos and shapes, and achieves higher reconstruction quality than prior works that are optimized for a single signal.

Additional Results

Image Encoding
Video Encoding SIREN v/s Ours
Image Relighting SIREN v/s Ours


This work was funded in part by ONR grant N000142012529, ONR grant N000141912293, NSF-Chase CI, NSF CAREER 1751365 and Adobe.